Peter Lindbergh is without a doubt one of the Master Photographers who has influenced my work the most. His personal style and philosophy is refreshing in a world gone mad with consumer fashion. His imagery is always beautiful. Always. In his interview with Lou Stoppard for SHOWstudio he defined beauty as:

I have a very simple definition for beauty, I mean, the lowest you can get, no, you can have, and that is… It is just about yourself. If you tend to yourself and you be yourself then you’re beautiful.

Photography is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums that exists with the ultimate cliché “A picture says more than a thousand words.” Fashion editorials go to a lot of trouble to create a story behind the images. Fashion film is the culmination of fashion story telling for me. I love the medium and I love the fact that we can tell fashion stories so beautifully.

Lindbergh says that fashion shoots are about clothes but for him shoots are always about telling the story. The MariaCarla Boscono editorial fashion shoot by Peter Lindbergh for Italian Vogue is beautiful.

The films by Stephen Kidd are inspirational.