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The Digital Capture Fee Calculator below was designed to help you determine the Digital Capture Fee (DCF) applicable to your business. The table on the left is an example for you to refer to. Enter the figures applicable to your business into the table on the right in the green shaded areas. The calculator is based on recovering your overheads in eleven months to make provision for 3 weeks paid annual leave and one week paid sick leave per year. The interest rate is your actual interest rate due on finance received. The No. Shoot Days is your target number of shoot days per month and the Markup % your target markup percentage. The resultant DCF MINIMUM RATE/DAY is the minimum recovery you need to make via Digital Capture Fees to pay for and replace your equipment with a profitable return on your investment. The Repayment Period (RP) is the period over which you will pay off the equipment, usually directly relative to the applicable depreciation period.