Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father loved jazz and I grew up with Louis Armstrong and The Dave Brubeck Quartet, amongst others. Piano lessons started at age 6 followed by classical guitar lessons at age 8. Age 15 saw us ‘starting a band baby, starting a band!’ I have no idea what we called it. The two hour walk to Dylan’s in Rocky street, Yeoville, to watch live bands, was normal during my precarious teenage years.

Perhaps it’s time to do a retrospective photographic exhibition of the musical timeline of my life. From country and western (seriously) to rock, hard rock, harder rock, trip hop, jungle, house, deep house, trance house, back to trip hop, rock, indie, until I ended up with the eclectic musical taste that now swirls around my salivating tongue.

We were putting together a behind the scenes video of the fashion shoot I did with the Leica S2 camera from Tudortech, Cape Town, and kept running into licensing issues that didn’t fit our budget for the backing track, so I decided to go back to my roots and compose my own. The fashion shoot, The Industrialist, was in an abandoned construction site, the clothing quite classical, but not. We pushed the envelope to create unusual images. The sound track needed to blend with this.

This is the result: