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Category Archives: photography

shoot tip #3

When travelling through/via an airport in the United Kingdom ensure you have £1 coins with you for the luggage trolleys. You’ll need one per trolley to release the trolley from […]

shoot tip #2

Hire gear locally as far as possible. It’s more financially efficient, saves your back and stimulates the local economy. Work smart not long.

the decisive moment

Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase the decisive moment, particularly in relation to his street photography he became so famous for. Photography is all about the decisive moment, that split second […]

allier, à la recherche de soi

“Allier, à la recherche de soi” [Allier, in search of self], is a fine art photography project created in the Allier region of France in 2015. The body of work […]


50point5 is a fine art photography project that examines the barriers that divide the people of South Africa as a result of apartheid. It is a project of love and loathing […]

must watch: dark side of the lens

I’ve added a new “Inspirational” category to my blog to share some of the things that inspire me as a photographer and film maker in the hope that they will […]

hasselblad and the rain

I’ve always been a big fan of Hasselblad. Their quality and craftsmanship combined with their relentless pursuit of excellence works for me. The first Hasselblad I ever bought was a […]

the true value of shooting people

I love the clever, quirky lines on pics on what it means to be an artist/freelancer/photographer, that make their way around the internet. I received an email today from a Royalty Free Image […]

‘the industrialist’ fashion shoot with the leica S2-P medium format DSLR

Sometimes preparing for a photo shoot can be like giving birth. Not that I know what giving birth really feels like, being a man and all. However, sometimes preparing for […]

‘immersion’ official selection for cannes short film festival

That feeling when you’re presented with a tough choice. Be present at the Cannes Short Film Festival for the screening of my fashion film ‘Immersion’ or be present at the […]

first ascent

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father loved jazz and I grew up with Louis Armstrong and The Dave Brubeck […]

full circle

Every so often I’m commissioned to do a shoot that catches me by surprise. My latest body of work ‘Full Circle’ is one of those. ‘Full Circle’ is currently being […]

holding my breath

It’s Friday the 13th today which means that there are a lot of superstitious people holding their breath around the world! I love free diving. The peace I feel underwater […]

20th anniversary of my first bang bang

April the 14th 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of my first bang bang, the day I was first shot at. Literally. By the police. I was a young aspiring freelance […]