I’ve loved dance music for as long as I can remember. Actually I’ve loved nearly all music for as long as I can remember.

Dance music played a huge roll in my twenty something too much fun years during which I went to just the right amount of dance music events and underground raves and danced my nuts off for hours with people who spent a lot of time touching each other and telling each other how beautiful they are.

Sometimes I create things just for fun, because I can. Not for any particular purpose other then the challenge and fun of doing it. I love messing around with Garage Band and have come up with a style of music I call #ElectroClassicRockDance, basically an eclectic blend of all the musical styles I learned to play and dance to. I’ve never heard of this genre of music before and doubt that it exists outside of my mucking around that I upload to SoundCloud to mess with music purists with.

‘Homage to Dance’ is a marathon piece I composed on very long train journeys to lighten the load. It’s groovy baby!