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lost in silence

The trip to Twee Rivieren, gateway to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park from South Africa, took 15 minutes too long. I’d allotted what I’d thought was plenty of time for the trip […]

redefine pretty

Does a film have the power to change the world?

I believe it does.

the decisive moment

Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase the decisive moment, particularly in relation to his street photography he became so famous for. Photography is all about the decisive moment, that split second […]

allier, à la recherche de soi

“Allier, à la recherche de soi” [Allier, in search of self], is a fine art photography project created in the Allier region of France in 2015. The body of work […]


50point5 is a fine art photography project that examines the barriers that divide the people of South Africa as a result of apartheid. It is a project of love and loathing […]


Life is made up of moments. Some lost. Some missed. Some treasured. During the course of every day we experience these moments, some more significant than others. Sometimes we connect […]

don’t be an asshole

I was walking peacefully along the Thames Walk this afternoon, on my way back from a meeting, enjoying the London sunshine and listening to ‘Islands’ by Ludovico Einaudi, a gentle […]

homage to dance

I’ve loved dance music for as long as I can remember. Actually I’ve loved nearly all music for as long as I can remember. Dance music played a huge roll […]

life, love, the universe and butternut soup

There are few things that teach us about life like life itself. I realised a while ago that once you take a stand on something, a belief, philosophy, statement of […]

the true value of shooting people

I love the clever, quirky lines on pics on what it means to be an artist/freelancer/photographer, that make their way around the internet. I received an email today from a Royalty Free Image […]

sex and the x factor

Dear Kate Thank you for the latest ‘Love & guys’ edition of Women’s Health SA. Thank you especially for the booklet “The 21 hottest sex positions ever!” that was included with the mag. I’m […]

‘the industrialist’ fashion shoot with the leica S2-P medium format DSLR

Sometimes preparing for a photo shoot can be like giving birth. Not that I know what giving birth really feels like, being a man and all. However, sometimes preparing for […]

but me no butts

There are certain days when I enjoy my chosen career more than others. It’s normally directly relative to what I’m shooting. This was one of those days that I LOVED […]

20th anniversary of my first bang bang

April the 14th 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of my first bang bang, the day I was first shot at. Literally. By the police. I was a young aspiring freelance […]