Every so often I’m commissioned to do a shoot that catches me by surprise. My latest body of work ‘Full Circle’ is one of those. ‘Full Circle’ is currently being exhibited online by the Creative Collaborative Collective. ‘Full Circle’ examines the end of the cycle of life.

We start out as babies, unable to care for ourselves, completely dependent on those around us for our survival. Our lives tend to end the same way should we make it to old age. The smallest tasks can become the biggest challenges for the aged. The simplest task of getting up and going to the toilet can become a massive challenge. Loneliness an even greater one.

During our youth time flies. In old age time becomes the enemy, looking for ways to make it pass, to fill it with anything other than the thought that we are waiting for God to take us. Time becomes the void in which our memories of what we have, or have not, done haunt us.  When we die we take none of the possessions we worked so hard for with us.

Some believe the only thing we take with us is our memories. Some believe that hell is living with those memories for eternity. In many indigenous cultures around the world the aged are respected as people with wisdom, people to listen to, to seek counsel from. In western culture the aged tend to be discarded, locked away and made someone else’s ‘problem’ to care for.

We are all going to travel ‘Full Circle’ should we live long enough. Perhaps it’s time for us to review our thinking.

To view the exhibition online please go to Creative Collaborative Collective