It’s fascinating to think human beings are one of the only species on earth that knowingly and willingly destroy the habitat we live in and depend on to survive.

According to one source we are past the ‘tipping point’. It will take 300 years to repair the existing damage to the planet if we stopped destroying it today.

And yet we carry on. Knowingly and willingly. Every day of our lives. In the words of my daughter, “Dad, don’t adults realise that they’re messing up the planet for their own children?”

Closer to home iIve been shocked at the effects of climate change (Apparently we’re not allowed to call it ‘global warming’ anymore). Cape Town is a coastal port city. Known as the ‘Cape of Storms’ the weather here has always been unstable.

It is however becoming more unstable and unpredictable every season. A month ago it snowed in the mountains just outside of Cape Town. In summer.

Welcome to the future island of Cape Town. Think about it. Millions of people live in the ‘Cape Flats’. When that’s flooded by the sea, where will they go?